torsdag 16 juli 2009



Foppatoffeln på väg att gå i graven.
Efter ett par katastrofala år talar mycket för att den så kallade Foppatoffeln snart är ett minne blott.
Skoproducenten Crocs kan inte betala sina skulder och balanserar på konkursens rand.\07\16\345075&sectionid=Dinapengar


3 kommentarer:

  1. Precis hemkommen från foppatoffel- och kepsland, där det sörjs oändligt efter detta besked. Tur att kopiorna tar över (billiga på Hötorget, fina i brandgult och cynanidgrönt =o)

  2. Ok my swedish is very limited, I'd like to understand what you write here...could you offer an english or German translation. The Larssons said you have a great sense of humour. I'd like to understand.

    Thanks for considering it,

  3. Dear Pia,

    My German is without doubt more limited than your Swedish. I can only say "Ich been froh und gesund" and to be honest you haven't asked for my health report ;)

    This post is just commenting on an article that states that the shoe company Crocs which produces the shoes in the image is going out of buissnes due to lack of demand.

    These shoes has been widely popular in Sweden the last years to my great horror. I think they are perfectly awful and an insult to mankind. (well to the feet of mankind anyway)

    So please feel free to join my happy cheers: Crocs is going out of buisness. Joy to the world!

    Thank you for looking in btw, in spite of the language. It's very bold of you.